Anti-crisis HR-package

This type of work has not yet been so popular among our people, but millions of people worldwide are involved in such activity. Outworking supposes a few types of communication with the employee: via Internet, telephone, attendance days in the office for presenting reports and directly the results of the work. Telework, telecommuting, telejob – this is how this type of work is called. Earlier such job was also called ‘domestic labor’. In the current market conditions, this type of activity has again started to grow. In addition to traditional specialists – translators, operators, dispatchers, we can attract lawyers, accountants, sale specialists, consultants, office workers of various areas of specialization.


It is beneficial for the client because:

  • Office lease expenses considerably go down.
  • Labor costs reduction. There is no need for the employee to pay travel costs, lunches, to buy office clothing, accordingly, the salary of outworkers reduces approximately by 20%.
  • The costs for the workplace arrangement, office furniture and office equipment are reduced.
  • The costs for social infrastructure go down.
  • Overtime hours are not paid for.
  • The work is aimed at achieving results and not at complying with the labor order.
  • Selection out of a huge number of qualified personnel who due to circumstances have no opportunity for working in the office.

We undertake the services on full personnel recruitment for outworking. 
We provide consultations on reporting and labor order in outworking. 
We can offer an opportunity for combining outworking with other services we render (outsourcing, outstaffing and other services).


Cost of the Services:
It is comparable with personnel recruitment services and is differentiated depending upon the work conditions and services engaged by the agency.


Search for a Super Leader who is hired to the company in order to substitute two or three current leaders, and who is expected to be capable of performing all of their functions alone. Such super leaders are rare but we will be able to find them, convince them and provide them to you.


(placement of vacancy announcements and selection of relevant resumes)

  • We create and place vacancy announcements in mass media
  • We select resumes meeting the requirements of a request 
  • We send appropriate resumes in the form convenient for you in a prompt manner
  • We provide summary data on the results of the work.

It is beneficial for the Client:

  • Organization and material expenses for candidates search (work hours of the personnel, payment of telephone bills and Internet traffic fee, use of the office equipment, payment for access to paid Internet sources and advertisement placement).
  • Advertising for you will be cheaper than direct placement because we cooperate with many job-resources.
  • We use methods of effective candidate attraction (making announcements in a correct way, selection of optimal resources for placement, use of different search directions, qualified selection of resumes).
  • Confidentially is kept in the process of internal reorganizations and personnel reshuffles. 
  • Your internal candidate database is replenished.
  • You receive primary information about the availability and “cost” of specialists on the labor market.

Cost of the Services:  
Basic service package includes a 2-week placement on 7 web-sites, information collection, filtration and transfer. The cost for one candidate is KZT25,000 exclusive of VAT. The price is to be agreed on an individual basis when a number of sites increases, paid web-sites are included in exposure process, expert correction and agreeing of a request, inclusion of additional services (calling candidates, client call, etc.), the price is agreed individually


Remote HR Department
We maintain all of your current personnel documentation, hiring and dismissing the employees and represent your interests in controlling bodies and foundations.


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